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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Snap Shot From a Shower

We climbed out of the tub and into the huge shower. It had two massaging shower heads and a corner seat. We needed to rinse off after our tryst in the spa tub. There was plenty of hot water to stream over our wanton bodies. I told him I wanted to wash his hair. I asked him to face away from me. He stood in front of me, three feet of gorgeous hair cascading down his back, the ends hitting the top of his rear end. It was soaking wet from the shower.

I poured the hotel shampoo into my palm and massaged it into his scalp. The length of his hair required the entire bottle. I saturated every strand, then began a sensual scalp massage. He tilted his head back, enjoying the sensations and attention. Slowly, I used my nails and fingertips to rub away his stress and cleanse his hair. I told him to rinse and reached for the conditioner.

Again, I used my hands to work the product into his hair, making the task as sensual as possible. I could tell he enjoyed the attention. Don't we all? We rinsed the conditioner from his hair and kissed.

I took care of my hair, scrubbed my face, and washed my body with my perfumed shower gel. It was time to shave. I finished my underarms and moved to my legs. He watched with a smile on his face as I completed shaving my last leg. "Would you mind shaving my pussy?" I asked. His eyes opened wide and he uttered, "I'd love to." I handed him my ladies shaving cream and sharp razor and sat on the marble seat in the corner of the shower stall.

I leaned back and spread my legs, exposing my twat to him. My pussy hair was drenched from the shower, plastering my mound against my skin. I told him to squirt some of the shaving cream into his palm, work it into a lather, then cover my slutty pussy with it. He worked the lather into my cunt hair, making sure her covered it thickly with the scented shaving cream. His hand moving against my wanton triangle turned me on. My clit swelled and tingled, causing my juices to flow into my snatch, making it slippery and wet for what was to come.

He knelt on the cold marble and stared at my gash. He assessed his task and carefully began the hair removal using slow, deliberate strokes. As he moved the razor over my pussy I saw his cock grow. By the time he rinsed my long, reddish-brown pubes from the razor, his cock was rock hard. My cunt was soaked. My desires grew. I wanted his dick inside me. He finished the first pass, rinsed me thoroughly, and lathered me again. He went over his initial strokes again, pressing harder this time, shaving me baby-smooth. He shaved me bare.

I leaned back further, spread my legs wider, and asked him to shave any stray hairs around my anus. I like my asshole smooth for tongues, toys, and cocks. He held my ass cheeks apart with one hand and shaved with the other, working until my butt hole was as smooth as my snatch. He rinsed me repeatedly until all traces of the shaving cream were gone and my smooth nether-regions were sweetly scented and ready for action.

I stood up and kissed him under the flow from the shower. As we kissed, he tweaked my nipples
and I softly stroked his rod. I bent over the corner seat and wiggled my ass at him. I wanted it in both holes. I was lusting for a prick. I didn't care where it went, as long as it filled me. His long, fat cock would do the trick.

He came behind me, grabbed my ass, and shoved his cock deep in my freshly shaved kitty. He pumped me hard and fast. I could hear the wetness of my pussy over the noise from the falling water. "You're making me so fucking wet," I cried. "Fuck me, make me come. Give it to me." I came over and over. I lost track of the orgasms, wave after heady wave making me dizzy with delight. I could feel my slimy cunt juices sliding down my thighs.

He kept pumping me through my climaxes, making them intense beyond belief. He fucked me long and hard with an animal thrust. I could hear him moan and knew he was close. I bounced back on his dick, milking out his orgasm. He erupted loudly. His dick filled my cunt with jizz. I couldn't believe how much he was pumping into me. I could feel his prick pulse with each shot. He kept shooting and shooting. It was an unbelievable amount of cum. He filled me completely. The cum ran down my thighs, joining my juices, and swirling down the drain.

We both breathed hot and hard. We kept gently moving against each other, eking out the last juices from our privates. We held each other under the water and washed ourselves, cleaning our juices off each other. We rinsed, turned off the water, and toweled off. We fell naked into bed and discussed our next move.

To be continued in the elevator...

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What an amazingly senauous woman you appear to be - I'm coming to Chi town soon and will ddefinitely be looking to spend some qualitry time with you

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