"It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others." - Steven Wright

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Friday, January 18, 2008


I waited for him upstairs in my candlelit bedroom. I left the front door open, so he could slip in quietly. He took off his boots and locked the front door behind him. I heard him on the stairs. My heart pounded in my ears. He came through my bedroom door, adjusting his eyes to the dim light. I told him to make himself more comfortable. He asked me how comfortable. I told him to strip. I was feeling rather dominant. It was his lucky day.

He got nude and laid on the bed as instructed. I asked him what kind of music he likes and turned on my tunes. I was ready to rock. I laid next to him and got down by his dick, which was semi-hard. I started petting his prick, making it harder with each teasing stroke. I was getting really turned on. I could feel my hairy cunt moistening between my legs. I wanted to hop on his dick, but the urge to torture and torment overcame my lust to satisfy my kitty. His cock and ass were mine!

I grabbed a medium butt plug, a long vibrator, a bottle of lube, my riding crop, and the tie from my silk robe. I giggled and noticed he was a bit startled. I caught him staring at my cleavage which spilled out of my plum-colored silk, floor-length negligie. I slipped next to him and heard him exclaim, "You like being in charge, don't you?" I replied, "Yeah, I like a little control. It depends on my mood."

I hopped off the bed and moved to the side where he was laying. I reached underneath the bed, and pulled out one of the four-point restraints hidden there. I secured his left wrist. The corner of my eye caught sight of his cock growing. This kinky little bitch needed to be used by a horny slut like me. He was going to be my bitch.

I got on the bed next to him and told him to roll over on his left side. I told him to reach back with his right hand and spread his asscheeks for me. I wanted his asshole exposed. I poured a little lube on his bunghole and lubed up the vibrator. I slid it in gently and turned it on. I needed to fuck his ass. My cunt was getting hot. I could feel its steamy wetness dribbling down my thigh.

I gently pumped the vibrator in and out of his ass and told him to roll on his back. His cock was really hard. I took it in my mouth and licked the shaft, teasing the head with flicks of my tongue. I heard him groan with the movements of my mouth on his cock.

If I saw the vibrator slipping out, I would gently push it back in, but his wanton asshole was greedily keeping it in place. It would only pop out as the result of the flexing of his pelvic muscles, which was induced by my deep throating. His cock pulsed as I went down its entirety. The vibrating stimulation to his prostate was intensifying the actions of my mouth.

I turned my attention to his ballsack, licking and softly sucking his nuts. He groaned louder and told me how good it felt. I fucked his ass with the vibrator as I covered his scrotum with my shiny saliva. His balls were shaved smooth, perfect for my lavish attention. I fucked his ass, licked his balls, and stroked his cock. He groaned and shot his first load.

I gave him tissues and baby wipes to clean up his spunk while I prepared the butt plug with a condom and generous lube. I told him to roll over again and spread his asscheeks as he had before. I inserted the thick butt plug into his anus and made him roll over onto his back. I took the robe tie in my hands and wrapped it tightly around the base of his balls and cock, winding it until his package had a leash for me to tug. I tugged it, arousing his rod to stiffness. I used the riding crop to tap softly on his balls and cock, teasing him with the threat of my weapon. I used the crop to urge his dick into its fullest erection.

I went down on him again, deep throating him with every other stroke of my mouth. Then, I told him I was going to tease his prick until it came into my mouth. I told him I would make him taste his own cum on my lips after he came. His cock pulsed and he shot a huge load on his stomach. I kept stroking his cock lightly, avoiding the sensitive head, squeezing out every last drop of his jizz.

We went on like this for hours...