"It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others." - Steven Wright

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Snap Shot From a Spa Tub

The bubbles and warm water swirling around my body were getting me in the mood. I felt relaxed and naughty. That familiar tingle was running through my wet cunt. He was facing me, our legs intertwined. I reached under the water and grabbed his cock, which was already stiff. I slowly teased him by stroking his hard prick, looking him square in his eyes, an evil grin on my face. "My cock feels so hard," he said. "It is," I replied. I stroked him slowly and deliberately, taking pleasure in keeping him on the edge. I felt his dick twitch in my hand. I knew he was close. "I want you to cum in the water, so I can bathe in it," I said. The thought of his jizz swirling around me, fresh out of his spent cock, made me hot. My snatch was wet with desire. I stroked him with one hand and fingered my sopping wet pussy with the other. I rubbed my pleasure button with my left middle finger while my right hand expertly worked his hose. I backed off when I guessed he was getting close to shooting his wad. I wanted him to beg for it, to need it. His eyes were closed and his head was tilted back. Occasionally, he let out a soft moan, a quiet plea for release. "Not yet," I teased. He groaned. I increased the pace and depth of my stroke. He was so close, so ready to explode. I was ready for his cum-bath. I was going to let him go. "Do it, shoot it, cum for me," I commanded. I felt a warm rush over my hand. He was groaning loudly, making animal sounds. He was cumming into our water. I moved my stroking hand to my tit and teased my nipple while my finger finished the job on my clit. I came hard and loud, my noises echoing off the high ceilings. We blissfully soaked in the jizz water for another hour, then the two of us got into the double-headed shower and washed off each other.

To be continued in the shower...