"It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others." - Steven Wright

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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Why does this image make me horny? LOL

Friday, January 01, 2010


By far, my favorite role is that of the naughty schoolgirl. I love to wear my short plaid skirt, white bobby socks, black Mary Jane shoes, short-sleeved white shirt, and class tie. I look so cute and innocent in my uniform, but deep down, under that sweet exterior, beats the heart of a belligerent, misbehaving brat who is long overdue for some punishment.

You have a mind to grab her, put her over your knees, hold her by her pigtails, lift her skirt, and spank her white cotton-pantied bottom until it's red hot.

But, watch out! Do that, and your brat will start to drip cunt juice out of her slutty little gash right before your eyes. Her nipples will poke through her blouse and her ass will rise in the air, squirming for more.

You pull her panties up tight against her bottom, so tight that they disappear in her ass crack. This makes her moan. Her moaning gets you hot. She feels your prick grow into her belly as you spank her harder. You need relief. It's her fault you have a boner. If she hadn't been squirming like that, you wouldn't have gotten hard.

You pull her off your lap and force her on her knees. You grab her pigtails and pull back, so her face looks up at you. You use your other hand to lower your zipper. You tell her to take out what's in your pants. She reaches in and pulls out your massive stiff one. You use your free hand to pry open her mouth, using your dick like a crowbar. She tries to spit it out, but you shove it deeper until she gags on it. You make her hold it at the back of her throat to the count of ten. She gasps for air and pushes you away. You have no choice but to hogtie her in the kneeling position. Your jizz has to come out and she's going to have to take her medicine.

You have her wrists tied behind her back. Her ankles are tied together and you have them connected to her wrist restraints. Her back is arched, jutting her enormous breasts forward. You have her tits bound with rope. They've turned purple from the tight ropes encircling them. You clamped her nipples and hung a heavy weight on the chain connecting the two nipple clamps. Her cunt lips are covered in clothespins and her ass is filled with the biggest plug you could find. She's sitting on a massive dildo. She's wearing a posture collar that forces her face upward, bringing her mouth at crotch level. Her schoolgirl uniform is laying on the floor where you made her strip it off for you.

You come at her with your rock hard staff, grab the back of her head, and force fuck her mouth with no mercy. She needs to learn her lesson. If the little bitch is going to act like a whore, you'll treat her like one. You jam your dick in and out of her drooling mouth, gagging her on your length, filling her mouth with your pre-cum. You're about to cum, so you force her face down on you and hold it there, pumping your giant load down her throat. Her eyes are watering and she's making choking sounds. You drain every last drop. She can breathe when you're finished.

This slut needs her cherry popped. You have a surprise for her tomorrow. You tell her to come into your office after school tomorrow. She shudders as you tell her this, while you are removing her bonds, your cock pulses with aftershocks. This gash is going to be trained for your pleasure. She needs this. You're going to teach her everything about pleasure and pain. She is yours to use.