"It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others." - Steven Wright

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Monday, January 29, 2007


My favorite thing is to kiss. Gosh, I love it. I love it when a date has sparkling fresh breath, so I can shove my tongue deep into his mouth and kiss. I could French kiss for hours. I love to nibble on a guy's neck and ears, too. Kiss. Kiss.

Oral is pretty wonderful, too. I love it when a guy goes down on me and knows what he's doing. Sometimes, if a date is really good and uses digital penetration, too, I'll squirt. It's rare, but it happens. Usually, I just gush a river until I drown him.

I love doing oral, too. Nice and deep. I have no gag reflex, so that helps. I love the taste of a cock. I love to get a facial or swallow my date's load. I guess you could say the guys I date are lucky, because I love to see how many times I can coax a load out of a guy with my mouth.

Cuddling is essential, too. I love to rub and fondle, gently, with a really soft touch. Lick, lick, rub, rub, kiss, kiss, suck, suck...

Don't get me started on fucking. Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggie (fav), mish, I love all of the positions.
A sip of wine, soft music, candlelight, and closeness.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Vegas at The Palms

I want a sexy guy to take me to Vegas, so we can stay in one of the Fantasy Suites at The Palms. Check out the Erotic Suite at The Palms. The 1500 sq ft suite has a Jacuzzi tub, shadow dancer projection wall, show shower with dancer pole, full bar, great sound system, steam shower, an eight foot round rotating bed with a mirrored ceiling, and plasma TV's. Yee-hah!

It would be hot to find another couple to accompany us. Although, just the two of us is awfully romantic. The four of us could swing and swap all vacation long, though. Imagine the sheer debauchery! We may never want to leave the room. Of course, we will. Vegas has too much to offer to sit in the room all day. Although, it is tempting. Maybe, we'll just go out long enough to find a few horny people to bring back to the suite. The suite's capacity is 50, so why not? At three to four grand a night, it better be good.

Of course, the Hot Pink Suite caught my eye, too. In case you haven't caught on, I love PINK! It sounds great, too. It has a two-way fireplace. How romantic! The only thing it's lacking is a rotating round bed with a mirrored ceiling.

Into something more tropical? How about Hedonism II or III in Jamaica? Desire in Cancun?

I'm really in the mood for a horny vacation. One where I can lay around with a belly full of cum and a freshly fucked asshole. I am so naughty.

Monday, January 22, 2007


You knocked on the door. I opened the door and pulled you in by your tie. I locked my lips on yours and kissed you passionately. Our tongues intertwined. We kissed long, softly, and sweetly. My hands moved over you, exploring your torso. I kissed your neck and ears, noticing your erection through your trousers. Your hard-on grew as I explored your chest with my hands. I slowly unbuttoned your shirt and removed your tie. You had a t-shirt on underneath. I could see your nipples poking through it. I nibbled on your nipples through your t-shirt while I rubbed your cock through your pants.

I took off your belt, folded it in half, and handed it to you. I suggested you redden my ass, because I needed to be punished for playing with myself too much. You told me to bend over the bed. I complied. You began with your hand, lightly spanking me to get my ass used to the punishment. My ass turned pink under your firm hand. Then, you started in on me with your belt, slowly and lightly at first, watching the signals from my body to determine when it was okay to increase the severity. Soon, my ass was bright red. Your cockhead was dripping. I could see a wet spot in the crotch of your pants.

You continued belting me until I begged for mercy. You asked me why you should grant me mercy after I had been such a nasty, horny little slut. I promised you I would do anything to redeem myself if you would just stop smacking my ass. You felt my ass cheeks. They were hot to the touch and quivering with excitement.

You told me to get down on the floor on my knees, so I could prove to you that I was sincere in my promise. You unzipped your pants and pulled out your dick. It was rock hard and pre-cum was dripping off the end. You told me to look up at you and lick off the sweet liquid. I did. My eyes meet yours and you knew I was your cum slut. I licked off the pre-cum like a nasty slut, savoring every drop, begging for more. You told me to do what I needed to get more. I teased your cock with a few strokes while I sucked your balls. Your prick gave me more to consume. I eagerly lapped it up and begged for more. I teased you like this for a few more minutes, then asked if I could give you head. You gave me permission and I went to work on your cock and balls like a pro, teasing, licking, stroking, and sucking until you shot your big load deep into my throat. I swallowed it and went back to your cock to squeeze out any remaining drops, so I could lick them up, as well.

You lay on the bed to recover. My ass tingled delightfully. I lay down next to you. We kissed softly, slowly, and sweetly. Our hands explored each others bodies. We kissed deeply with our tongues and worked on each others necks and ears. I circled your lips with the tip of my tongue, tracing back and forth until you moaned. My nipples burned from being so hard. You moved your mouth to them and sucked. I begged you to suck harder. You nibbled on them and pulled away from my body, bringing my nipple with you in your mouth. My pussy moistened with desire as you tugged on my nipples with your mouth and squeezed my breasts in your hands.

I asked you to roll onto your back. Your dick was pointing straight up to the ceiling. I climbed on top of you and used your cock for my pleasure. I made it my dildo and rode it until I came. My cunt juices shot all over it. My moisture ran down your cock and balls and onto the bed, making a puddle underneath you. The sensation was too much to take. You came hard in my twat, filling it with your jizz. I rolled over and scooped your cum out of my pussy, licking it off my fingers. I teased you visually with my fingers and mouth, showing you my level of desire for your cum. I cleaned up my pussy that way, euphorically lapping up our juices.

We cuddled and kissed. We drank red wine and giggled. We laid back and watched TV while our hands roamed over each others bodies. We kissed every inch of each other.

Worked up again, I sat on your face, engulfing your mouth with my hot, wet snatch. It was time to get dirty. I rode your face. Your tongue flicked at my clit. I came hard on your head, soaking you with my juices. I got off you and licked my wetness off your face, sharing it with you with kisses. We got in the shower and washed off each other. You shampooed my hair and pinched my nipples from behind. I felt your penis harden against my rear end. You bent me over and washed out my ass and cunt. I soaped up your dick and jacked you off, shooting your cum onto my belly. We rinsed off and hopped out of the bath. We toweled off each other and kissed.

We went to the bed and you ate my twat again. I squirted this time, covering your face in my moisture. You mounted my fat, wet pussy and pumped me full of your cum again. I kept it inside me, so I could feel its warmth. My sticky pussy was boiling hot.

We laid back and relaxed, spent and exhausted from our love-making. We cuddled, kissed, and massaged until we fell asleep in each others arms.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Sugar Daddies

I think they're great in theory, but lousy in practice. Maybe, I should find a sugar daddy, so I can test my theory. LOL. Seriously, I've always wondered what it would be like to be a bird in a gilded cage. I've been so fiercely independent my whole life that it would probably drive me nuts. I think I'll just wait until Mr. Right comes along. Although, being spoiled is fun...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

This Morning's Masturbatorial Fantasy

I imagine sitting across from you in a revealing blouse with a butt plug shoved deep in my ass, flirting with you with my dirtiest talk and suggestive gestures. I know how to lean over, so my blouse shows my cleavage. I know which way to bend to reveal a flash of my lace bra. I put the plug in before I left the house, because I needed it. It was as simple as that. It fills my asshole. Occasionally, I shift to make it move in me. The feeling is so erotic. Every movement of the plug moistens my cunt. I need to be used. You can see it in my eyes. You've got the balls to take advantage of my desires. You know how to use a slut and make her happy.

We go back to my place. You demand to see the butt plug I've told you I'm wearing. You tell me how naughty I am for going out in public like that and throwing myself at you. You tell me to bend over my bed. You remove the plug and replace it with your stiff cock. You fuck me hard and fast telling me you're going to treat me like the slut I am. You don't even use lube. You just use my butthole. You grab a bunch of my long, red hair and use it for leverage, so you can plunge deep and hard into my ass. You bang me until you're satisfied, pull out, and tell me to clean you up. I lick off your cum, making sure your balls are clean, too. You tell me to finish the job, so I suck you to completion, swallowing your load after showing it to you in my mouth. I'm showing off my sluttiness. I feel so naughty.

You continue using me for your pleasure, knowing I have no limits and deserve to be punished for my slutty behavior. I drain you over and over, doing as I'm told. You use every hole, knowing that you can fuck me ANY WAY you please, knowing that I can tolerate anything. It seems the harder you tug and twist my nipples, the more juices flow out of my wet pussy. It seems the more you tell me how slutty I am and how much I deserve this treatment, the harder my nipples get. It seems the harder you slap my ass, the redder it becomes, the more it stings, the more I try to get my mouth on your dick. I am moist with desire. I am dripping on the bed. I need it. My only purpose is to be used and abused...like I want and need to be. Fuck my face. Ream my asshole. Finger my twat. Do me as dirty as you can. Make me your fuck toy. Make me pay for my unacceptable behavior in the restaurant earlier.

You tell me to put on a show. I put the butt plug back in and vibrate myself. It takes awhile. I have to tease myself in order to squirt hard. You just enjoy the show, stroking your tool, enjoying watching me pant and squirm. I cum hard and squirt far. I get on my knees on the bed and lick my jizz from the puddle I've made. I come over and you tell me to kiss you. You taste my cum on my lips. You get on top of me rough and fuck me until you release. You grab my hair, pull my head back, and tell me I'm your cum dump. I shudder at the thought of being used.

We fuck for hours. When you need to recharge, I put on a show for you, so you won't get bored. I pull on my nipples. I trace my fingers along my pussy lips. I fuck myself with a dildo. The plug is still in. I like the full feeling. You've had enough. I need to be severely punished for my sluttiness. You tell me to kneel in the bathtub. You have to piss. The toilet is just a few steps away. You tell me to look up at you. You unload your bladder on my tits. The hot piss streams down my nipples. My cunt gets hot and wet. I am totally humiliated. I am a slut. You're right.

You tell me to shower quickly. I'm in there a minute. I hop out and start to dry off. You tell me to forget the towel and get over your knee. You start out slowly, teasing my cunt lips with your fingertips. You can feel what the shower couldn't wash away. It's the wettest pussy you've ever felt. How can a girl get so wet? You start out by rubbing and teasing me with a light spanking. My ass starts to glow pink and I squirm, so my ass lifts in the air. The fact that I'm still wet from the shower water makes the spanking sting more. You smack harder and harder, building until my ass is bright red and blistered. I can feel your cock pressing into me. I want it in me so bad, but you're going to make me work for it. Now, you use the paddle. My ass is on fire. You pull out the plug and replace it with a few fingers. You stretch my asshole with your fingers. You have no mercy as you see how wide you can manipulate it. You want to gape it, so you can spit in it like I'm some slutty bitch. You spit it my gaped asshole until it's nice and wet. Then, you finger it a little more to work the spit into it.

You lift me off your lap by my hair and tell me to get into doggie style position. I comply, fearful of what's next. You shove it in with no mercy. I'm groaning, because my asshole loves being used like that. You fuck me as hard as you can. Your sweat is pouring down on me, making me hotter. I can feel my asshole burning from the abuse. You pull out and squirt your nut on my back. You come around front, so you're facing me. You scoop up your wad off my back with your fingers and shove them in my mouth. I clean your jizz off your fingers until my back is clean. You give my cheek a little slap and tell me to lick your nutsack clean. When I'm finished, you bend over and tell me to take care of your asshole. I clean that, too. I'm so filthy dirty, it's sick. I'm just a slut.