"It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others." - Steven Wright

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Thursday, May 24, 2007


I eagerly anticipated returning for the completion of my dental cleaning. My first visit left lust in my heart for my sexy dentist and his mighty tool. The day finally arrived. I was scheduled for my follow-up visit.

I wore fishnet pantyhose. I decided access needed to be made easier, so I ripped out the crotch of my fishnets, so my dentist could take me at his will. I didn't wear panties. I added high heels, a pair of black patent leather Mary Jane pumps; naughty, but nice. A black lace push-up bra made my huge tits look enormous in my black velvet skirt and sweater. I accessorized with a few modest jewels and ran out the door.

I drove frantically, chomping at the bit for my dentist's sweet cock. Seconds seemed minutes as I neared my destination. I nervously parked my car, my mind racing with possibilities. My dentist was in charge this time. I wondered what he had in store for me. I walked to his building and rode the elevator to his floor. All the while my mind hashed through scenario after scenario, each one steamier than the last.

I knocked quickly, entered hastily, and yelled, "Hello?" He emerged from the back office looking hotter than ever. His scrubs fit loosely. I could see his sexy chest in his v-neck, a strong chest with soft salt and pepper hair that begged to be stroked and nuzzled. His dick was pulsing in his pants. I could see it thicken and knew he was as eager as I. I went to kiss him, but he had other plans. Our deep kiss turned into a quick peck as he grabbed my hair and gently led me to the office where we screwed last time.

He forcefully pushed me to my knees, took his cock out of his scrub pants and underwear, and shoved it between my moist lips. Furiously, he pumped my mouth. I took his prick deep, all the way down my throat like the anxious slut I was. He had my head in his hands, using them to pump my mouth on his cock at the pace he desired. He forced my head back and forth on his stiff joint.

I swallowed his member again and again. I felt his dick get harder as he pumped. His moans deepened as I took him whole and greedily swallowed his pre-cum. His sweet juice was lubricating my throat, so he could pound deeper. Suddenly, he erupted deep in my throat. I felt his spunk shoot down my throat and into my belly. I waited until he was done pulsing his cum down my gullet; then I lapped at his cock and balls, cleaning him up, so he could stuff his beautiful member back into his underpants.

I straightened myself up and hopped into his dental chair. My pussy was soaked. My cunt juices dripped down my gash and onto my bottom. My twat was wet with desire for his man meat. My pussy walls twitched with need and my clit pulsed with wanton lust. I needed a prick rammed in my cunt so bad I could taste it. I wanted it, but I had to wait.

He prepared his tray and sat next to me in his chair. I leaned over, looked him square in the eye, rubbed his tool through his pants, and silently challenged him to focus on the task at hand, instead of letting his mind wander to his cock and what I wanted to do to it. He suggested we get down to business in a serious tone.

He began my cleaning with a sonic instrument that vibrated against my teeth. The sensation made my nipples raging hard. I stopped him and told him what was happening to my tits. He uttered a few words, wondering if that always happened to his female patients. I suggested that it must and from now on he'd be tempted to check out each female patient's boobs to see if their nips poked out like mine, as he used his vibrating tool.

He returned to his work. My nipples were fully erect, so hard they almost hurt. I savored the feeling in my jugs as my twat grew wetter. I closed my eyes and fantasized about him taking me up the ass, bending me over the dental chair and forcing his hard prick deep in my asshole. I imagined him tugging on my hair and calling me a slut while he rammed his dick deep inside my ass.

In my dream, he used my hair for leverage, so he could ram his member up my ass as deep and hard and fast as possible, showing me no mercy as he used my butthole for his pleasure. In my fantasy, he came long and hard in my bottom, filling me with his hot jizz. I snapped back to reality and opened my eyes.

He finished my cleaning by polishing my teeth. Throughout the cleaning, I rubbed his unit through his pants, teasing him, playfully egging him on, challenging him to use me for his pleasure. He finished my teeth. I rinsed and spit a few times, suddenly realizing I was running late for a lunch date. I explained my situation and begged his forgiveness for my early departure.

Frustrated, I got myself together and gathered my things. My cunt juices dripped out of my snatch soaking my thighs with sticky goo. I needed a good pounding so bad. My pussy twitched and pulsed. I was his to use, but time was our enemy. I thanked him, gave him a peck on the lips, and went out the door.

He followed me to the elevator, riding down with me, so he could grab some lunch. A woman got on a couple of floors down. I looked at him, smirked, and tweaked my nipples through my sweater, teasing him behind the woman's back.

I stumbled back to my car, drunk with desire. I eyed every man I passed, surveying their crotch and wondering what it would be like to fuck them. I got into the driver's seat like a nasty slut, flashing a young man who passed by. He was an attractive Asian gentleman who eyed my bare twat as I slowly got into my car, spreading my legs and hiking up my skirt while doing so.

I needed to drive to the mall to meet a lunch date. I prayed he'd fuck me silly and use me as his slut. I drove toward the mall restaurant entrance re-living the past two hours in my head and hoping to be satisfied shortly.

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