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Saturday, April 28, 2007


I was badly in need of a visit to the dentist. My bi-annual exam and cleaning was way overdue. My regular dentist retired about a year ago. I was avoiding the Herculean task of finding a new, reputable dentist in my area. I needed someone with flexible hours, since my schedule is so hectic. I am limited to Friday afternoons, when most dental professionals are out of their offices. I finally located a dentist willing to see me on his day off, but he warned me that it would just be the two of us, since his employees have that day off. I didn’t mind that it would take a bit longer due to his lack of assistance. We scheduled an early afternoon appointment for the following Friday.

I arrived at his office building on a warm sunny day. It was nice to wear a skirt and low-cut blouse for a change. My winter togs had grown wearisome. It felt liberating to wear one layer rather than tedious coverings. My massive tits spilled over the top of my plunging neckline. I caught a few stares. There was a nice spring breeze which occasionally lifted my skirt sending gusts of air to cool my steaming hot crotch.

I am always thinking about sex and that day was no different. In the car I fantasized about naughty dentist/patient scenarios. It made my panties sizzle with my wetness. The heat I generate down there, when I’m turned on, never ceases to amaze me.

The cool air felt good against my damp panties as I entered his building. I took the elevator to his floor and found his office. I walked into an empty room. It was a bit ethereal. I was never in an empty dental office before. I closed the door behind me and noticed a man dressed in scrubs emerging from the back office. I said his name with a question mark at the end and he acknowledged me.

He was hot, a sexy older guy with an athletic figure and a nice face. I could see that look in his eyes. I can spot a well-endowed guy from a mile away. Guys with hot cocks always have a certain look in their eyes. It’s as if they know it’s going to be alright, because even if everything else goes away, they’re still packing a massive pleasure rod. That makes everything okay.

I went toward him like a lioness stalking her prey, slowly at first, and then quickening my pace. Without a word, I put my hand on my new dentist’s package. It felt good through the thin fabric of his scrubs. I could tell he was wearing underwear, probably boxer-briefs. His dick was already semi-hard. Had my new dentist been thinking or doing something arousing right before I arrived?

I surprised him with a kiss, using my tongue to probe his mouth. I thought he would be shocked, but he seemed receptive. Was it the cleavage? Was it timing? After all, he was obviously semi-aroused when I arrived. I continued to rub his cock lightly through his pants. It hardened under my touch. As his tool stiffened, my wetness increased. I could feel my panties soak through and knew that soon my desire would drip down my inner thighs.

He massaged my tits through my blouse and bra. I knew he was game. I could tell he was the kind of smoldering sexpot who only needs the right partner to get porn crazy. His nervous hands felt good on my jugs. He pinched my nipples gently and tugged on my breasts. It felt like it had been awhile for him. I guessed he didn’t get much at home, if any. He needed this. He needed me to ball his fucking brains out. He needed me to suck the life right out of him. I needed a cock to satisfy my hunger. It was a match made in heaven.

He uttered a few nervous words, something about us getting started. I kissed him once more and took off my glasses. I put them in my purse and asked where I should go. He ushered me into an examination room and directed me toward the chair. I made myself comfortable and answered the usual new patient questions.

While he was making pleasantries, I reached for his prick. It was still hard. I could see its girth and length through his clothes. It was going to be a beauty. I already had a mental picture of his mighty staff and I wanted it bad.

He was distracted, aroused, nervous, and shy. I felt the urge, the urge that constantly burns inside me, the desire to do him, to work his cock, and bring him to the edge. I accelerated my rubbing, leaned over, and undid the tie at his waistband. I pulled out his rock hard member and stroked it. I pulled him toward me and engulfed his cock with my mouth adjusting myself in the dental chair for easier access.

I sucked him fast and hard. I was hot and horny and I could tell it had been a long time for him. I sucked him like I was suffocating and there was oxygen in his balls. I greedily blew him. My tongue swirled around his cock head and up and down his shaft. He gasped whenever I took him to the back of my throat. “You really don’t have a gag reflex,” he said. My fingernails teased his ball sack as he erupted down my throat. It was a huge load, almost too much to swallow. I gulped down his sweet jizz, smiled, and giggled a little. He pulled up his pants and suggested that we get on with things.

He probed me with his instruments, examining my mouth. I could see his cock swelling again. He tried to concentrate on the task at hand, but I knew his mind was wandering. I figured he was thinking about probing me with his natural instrument.

The cleaning went quickly. He finished my top teeth and got ready to start on the bottom row. I couldn’t resist his dick. I contorted my body, so I could rub his cock through his pants again. The blow job had put us behind schedule and I knew he was pressed for time, so I suggested I come back at a later date to complete my cleaning.

He agreed it would be best not to rush through the cleaning, but to make a follow-up appointment. I continued to rub his rod. Then, I pulled my tits out of my bra and hiked up my skirt. I tweaked my nipples until they hardened. Then, I rubbed his genitals with my right hand while using my left hand to explore my clit.

My clit was rock hard. It tingled next to my sopping wet pussy. I said, “Listen to how wet you’ve gotten my cunt.” With those words, I massaged my lips and filled the room with the squishy sound of desire.

I stuck a couple of fingers in my vagina and lifted my hand to show him. I spread my fingers apart. He saw strings of my cum stretch between my fingers. My hand glistened with my cunt juice. He stared at my dripping hand and told me to rinse. I rinsed the gritty residue of the cleaning from my mouth. Then, I told him to strip.

As he took off his clothes, I stood up and bent over the dental chair, hiking up my skirt. He tried to enter me from behind. I could feel his rock hard penis poking at me, but I was at the wrong angle, so I asked him if there was a room with carpet. He said his office has carpet. I started for the door and allowed him to overtake me and lead the way to his office.

The room was cluttered and a bit cramped. I quickly figured out the logistics and told him to lay on the floor on his back with his head by the door. He barely settled in and I was on his cock, on my haunches, bouncing on his rod.

My pussy juice dripped down his massive cock and onto the floor. I was frenzied. I rode his big, fat cock for my pleasure. I pushed my body against him so my clit was stimulated. I moved my hips around to hit my g-spot. I used his big, beautiful cock for what it was, a rare treat. Magnificent pricks are scarce and I was going to take advantage of my present situation, bouncing on a genetically-gifted guy.

I rode him hard, got myself off, and turned my attention to his satisfaction. I watched the expressions on his face to see what moves brought him the most pleasure. I bounced on him just right until he erupted in my cunt. I could feel wave after wave of his cum squirting inside me.

I slowed my pace and cooled him down with my twat until I knew it was safe to dismount. I got off him, clenching my pussy muscles so his sweet cum wouldn’t rush out of my freshly-fucked snatch. I rearranged my clothes and tried to make myself look as presentable as possible. I asked him if there was a bathroom I could use.

He handed me a key on the end of a toothbrush. I slipped down the hall to the bathroom, keeping my knees locked so I wouldn’t leave a trail of his salty jizz. I pissed out his hot load, washed my pussy and hands, and tried to make my hair look like I hadn’t just been fucked real dirty.

I returned to his office, put on my glasses, grabbed my purse, and kissed him goodbye, figuring there wouldn’t be any charge. I left him there counting down the minutes until our next rendezvous.

Stay tuned for details of my follow-up appointment.

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