"It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others." - Steven Wright

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Monday, January 29, 2007


My favorite thing is to kiss. Gosh, I love it. I love it when a date has sparkling fresh breath, so I can shove my tongue deep into his mouth and kiss. I could French kiss for hours. I love to nibble on a guy's neck and ears, too. Kiss. Kiss.

Oral is pretty wonderful, too. I love it when a guy goes down on me and knows what he's doing. Sometimes, if a date is really good and uses digital penetration, too, I'll squirt. It's rare, but it happens. Usually, I just gush a river until I drown him.

I love doing oral, too. Nice and deep. I have no gag reflex, so that helps. I love the taste of a cock. I love to get a facial or swallow my date's load. I guess you could say the guys I date are lucky, because I love to see how many times I can coax a load out of a guy with my mouth.

Cuddling is essential, too. I love to rub and fondle, gently, with a really soft touch. Lick, lick, rub, rub, kiss, kiss, suck, suck...

Don't get me started on fucking. Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggie (fav), mish, I love all of the positions.
A sip of wine, soft music, candlelight, and closeness.


Anonymous said...

I must say that I am impressed by your writings and other assets. I like a women who is sure of herself, has a sense of humor, and can be naughty when she needs to be. Do you date couples? I would love to introduce you to my wife, we both could appreciate a women like yourself.

Cadence Johnson-Ryder said...

That all depends on the couple. :-)

Anonymous said...

GFE is such an imprecise and slippery term that it has prompted discussion for decades. For some the perfect GFE date involves bringing flowers to the girl, being greeted with a long deep kiss and a big hug and spending some time making out on the couch before moving on to the bedroom. Kind of like High School, only much better. For others the GFE experience might have the lady dressed in a particular manner which has been requested and the gentleman shoving a butt plug up her ass before giving her a good spanking, then taking her to the mall with her tits and ass almost hanging out and a collar and leash on her neck. It's all wonderful. It just depends on what kind of girlfriend you are looking for. The best of all worlds is the girl that can do it all, and likes it all.

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