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Thursday, January 11, 2007

This Morning's Masturbatorial Fantasy

I imagine sitting across from you in a revealing blouse with a butt plug shoved deep in my ass, flirting with you with my dirtiest talk and suggestive gestures. I know how to lean over, so my blouse shows my cleavage. I know which way to bend to reveal a flash of my lace bra. I put the plug in before I left the house, because I needed it. It was as simple as that. It fills my asshole. Occasionally, I shift to make it move in me. The feeling is so erotic. Every movement of the plug moistens my cunt. I need to be used. You can see it in my eyes. You've got the balls to take advantage of my desires. You know how to use a slut and make her happy.

We go back to my place. You demand to see the butt plug I've told you I'm wearing. You tell me how naughty I am for going out in public like that and throwing myself at you. You tell me to bend over my bed. You remove the plug and replace it with your stiff cock. You fuck me hard and fast telling me you're going to treat me like the slut I am. You don't even use lube. You just use my butthole. You grab a bunch of my long, red hair and use it for leverage, so you can plunge deep and hard into my ass. You bang me until you're satisfied, pull out, and tell me to clean you up. I lick off your cum, making sure your balls are clean, too. You tell me to finish the job, so I suck you to completion, swallowing your load after showing it to you in my mouth. I'm showing off my sluttiness. I feel so naughty.

You continue using me for your pleasure, knowing I have no limits and deserve to be punished for my slutty behavior. I drain you over and over, doing as I'm told. You use every hole, knowing that you can fuck me ANY WAY you please, knowing that I can tolerate anything. It seems the harder you tug and twist my nipples, the more juices flow out of my wet pussy. It seems the more you tell me how slutty I am and how much I deserve this treatment, the harder my nipples get. It seems the harder you slap my ass, the redder it becomes, the more it stings, the more I try to get my mouth on your dick. I am moist with desire. I am dripping on the bed. I need it. My only purpose is to be used and abused...like I want and need to be. Fuck my face. Ream my asshole. Finger my twat. Do me as dirty as you can. Make me your fuck toy. Make me pay for my unacceptable behavior in the restaurant earlier.

You tell me to put on a show. I put the butt plug back in and vibrate myself. It takes awhile. I have to tease myself in order to squirt hard. You just enjoy the show, stroking your tool, enjoying watching me pant and squirm. I cum hard and squirt far. I get on my knees on the bed and lick my jizz from the puddle I've made. I come over and you tell me to kiss you. You taste my cum on my lips. You get on top of me rough and fuck me until you release. You grab my hair, pull my head back, and tell me I'm your cum dump. I shudder at the thought of being used.

We fuck for hours. When you need to recharge, I put on a show for you, so you won't get bored. I pull on my nipples. I trace my fingers along my pussy lips. I fuck myself with a dildo. The plug is still in. I like the full feeling. You've had enough. I need to be severely punished for my sluttiness. You tell me to kneel in the bathtub. You have to piss. The toilet is just a few steps away. You tell me to look up at you. You unload your bladder on my tits. The hot piss streams down my nipples. My cunt gets hot and wet. I am totally humiliated. I am a slut. You're right.

You tell me to shower quickly. I'm in there a minute. I hop out and start to dry off. You tell me to forget the towel and get over your knee. You start out slowly, teasing my cunt lips with your fingertips. You can feel what the shower couldn't wash away. It's the wettest pussy you've ever felt. How can a girl get so wet? You start out by rubbing and teasing me with a light spanking. My ass starts to glow pink and I squirm, so my ass lifts in the air. The fact that I'm still wet from the shower water makes the spanking sting more. You smack harder and harder, building until my ass is bright red and blistered. I can feel your cock pressing into me. I want it in me so bad, but you're going to make me work for it. Now, you use the paddle. My ass is on fire. You pull out the plug and replace it with a few fingers. You stretch my asshole with your fingers. You have no mercy as you see how wide you can manipulate it. You want to gape it, so you can spit in it like I'm some slutty bitch. You spit it my gaped asshole until it's nice and wet. Then, you finger it a little more to work the spit into it.

You lift me off your lap by my hair and tell me to get into doggie style position. I comply, fearful of what's next. You shove it in with no mercy. I'm groaning, because my asshole loves being used like that. You fuck me as hard as you can. Your sweat is pouring down on me, making me hotter. I can feel my asshole burning from the abuse. You pull out and squirt your nut on my back. You come around front, so you're facing me. You scoop up your wad off my back with your fingers and shove them in my mouth. I clean your jizz off your fingers until my back is clean. You give my cheek a little slap and tell me to lick your nutsack clean. When I'm finished, you bend over and tell me to take care of your asshole. I clean that, too. I'm so filthy dirty, it's sick. I'm just a slut.


Anonymous said...

Very, very hot. Response to follow.


Anonymous said...

I arrive to pick you up for a date. As I requested you are dressed in a bullet bra and open bottom girdle with nylons and heels. You are wearing a little mini skirt and a short sweater so that some of your tummy shows between the skirt and the sweater. Everything is very tight and very slutty. Your hair is all curled and your makeup is perfect. Before we leave I have you bend over and put a vibrating egg in your ass. I have the remote control.

In the car I tell you to play with yourself while I turn the egg on and off, up and down. Your pussy gets squirty, drippy, nasty wet and the girlcum drips down your legs and onto the car seat. We walk into the bar and everyone is looking at us. It is so obvious that you are my slut, but just in case anyone is in doubt I occasionally play with your tits thru the sweater or reach under your skirt to finger your pussy. We have a few beers and you ask to go to the bathroom. I do not permit you to do that.

I am getting kind of horney so I tell the bartender to save our seats...we'll be right back...and take you out to the car to blow me. Just as I am cumming I pull out of your mouth and cover your face with cum, dripping down off your chin and cheeks and onto the front of your sweater. Without letting you wipe any of the cum off I walk you back into the bar so everybody there can see my slut girl with my cum on her face. We sit back down on our stools and once again you ask to go to the ladies room. "No, I say, do it here and now". Obediently you let go of your piss. It streams out of your pussy, soaking the barstool, your girdle and skirt and running down your nylons, onto your shoes and making a very obvious puddle on the floor. The manager comes over and very firmly asks us to leave. Very slowly I lead you from the bar, skirt and girdle and shoes still dripping your piss. Everyone in the place knows that you are my hot little slutty girl and secretly wishes that you were with them instead.

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